Income Generation Program

We launched income-generation activities for parents and guardians of children in our program in 2021.  Parents and guardians are supported and trained in starting or growing their own small businesses so that they can become self-sufficient and provide for their families. A whole new set of challenges came to the communities in which we operate that prompted us to create this program.

The pandemic has caused many parents to be without work and forced them to explore alternative options for income. Our staff had been praying for years about offering income-generating opportunities to our parents and guardians. This was the ideal season to set our sights on increasing the sustainability of the developmental work we are already doing. 

There are 37 families currently participating in this program and there has been so much success. Participants are paying back their loans and also putting some of their income into a savings account for emergencies.

Want to make a lasting difference in the life of a family? Please partner with us! Just $500 supports one family. Thank you for giving!