Empowering Ethiopian Youth: Embracing God’s Love

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In God’s eyes, every young soul is precious, including the Ethiopian youth. At Elshadai Child Development, we strive to empower Ethiopian youth with God’s love, providing them with hope and a brighter future. With your support, we can make a difference in their lives and share God’s blessings.

Nurturing Faith and Education

We believe that faith and education go hand in hand. By providing access to quality schooling with a Christian foundation, we not only equip Ethiopian youth with knowledge but also nurture their spiritual growth. God’s wisdom guides them on their journey of learning and discovery.

Sowing Seeds of Faith

The seeds of faith are sown early in life. By offering Bible study programs and Christian mentorship, we help Ethiopian youth build a strong relationship with God. These seeds will blossom into a steadfast faith that will sustain them through life’s challenges.

Empowering Future Leaders with God’s Word

God calls young people to be leaders in their communities. Through our leadership development programs, we encourage Ethiopian youth to embrace God’s Word as their guiding light. They will grow into compassionate, servant-hearted leaders, spreading His love wherever they go.

Restoring Hope through God’s Grace

In a world filled with hardships, God’s grace is a beacon of hope. Our outreach initiatives provide humanitarian aid while sharing the message of God’s love and redemption. As a result, Ethiopian youth experience the transformative power of His grace in their lives.

Supporting Families in Faith

Strong families are the foundation of a thriving society. We support Ethiopian families in nurturing faith and building loving homes centered on Christ. By strengthening families, we create a supportive environment for the youth to flourish.

Praying for Healing and Blessings

Prayer is a powerful tool for healing and blessings. We pray fervently for the well-being and prosperity of every Ethiopian youth we serve. God’s loving embrace brings comfort, peace, and miracles to their lives.

Unleashing Talents through Faith

Every young person has unique talents and gifts bestowed upon them by God. Our arts and music programs encourage Ethiopian youth to express themselves creatively. Their talents become instruments to praise and glorify God.

A Faithful Journey Together

Walking in faith is a journey best taken together. As a community of believers, we journey alongside Ethiopian youth, supporting and encouraging them in their faith walk. Together, we forge a path of righteousness and love.


Empowering Ethiopian youth with God’s love is a divine calling we embrace wholeheartedly. By investing in their education, nurturing their faith, and providing practical support, we sow seeds of hope and transform lives. Through God’s grace, we can uplift these young souls and create a brighter future for Ethiopia. Join us in this mission, and let’s be the hands and feet of Christ to empower Ethiopian youth with love, compassion, and faith. Start donating today and be a part of God’s work in their lives.